How Cross-Rollup Works?

MES Protocol is a cross-rollup orderbook DEX - traders on any rollup can seamlessly trade on our orderbook with the option to match orders with liquidity from other chains.
In analogy, MES Protocol serves as the interchange station for passengers traveling on different trains, enabling them to seamlessly transfer between them.
It is achieved by the adoption of Validium model.
Validium is an Ethereum scaling solution that processes and stores transaction data off-chain, while consolidating user balances into a Merkle root hash on-chain.
It leverages zkSNARKs for enhanced security and privacy. This results in faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and improved security for users.

Core values

With providing the best cross-rollup orderbook spot trading experience in mind, we design MES Protocol to achieve below values-
Core Value
Design implemented
Validium - transactions are processed off-chain, therefore MES Protocol will continue to run amid chain downtimes
Merkle tree - data is stored in a Merkle tree structure, only the hash of the Merkle root is published on-chain
Merkle proof - users can submit Merkle proof to withdraw assets in a trustless and permissionless manner
Data Availability Committee - off-chain database is decentralized through the appointment of a DAC. More initiatives will be introduced to further decentralize the protocol down the road
Deep liquidity
Hybrid Liquidity Mechanism - liquidity providers supply assets to liquidity pools and improve orderbook depths
Price fairness
Frequent Batch Auction - MES uses the FBA model to ensure fair settlement price and minimize the chance of front running