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What is MES Protocol?

MES Protocol is a cross-rollup orderbook-based spot trading DEX.
This differentiates MES from other DEXs.
MES persists to deliver a truly cross-rollup DEX, that is a big contrast to a DEX that is deployed on different rollups separately. MES offers an united orderbook across multiple rollups, with the ability to enable asset and data exchange between rollups.
Liquidities across rollups are aggregated into one place when "Cross-rollup Mode" is on, users could seamlessly interact with and utilise liquidities on multiple chains, thus orders are closed more efficiently with lower slippage.
MES Protocol runs on rollups, which is the most promising technology within L2 solutions on Ethereum. What rollup does is as its name suggests — it rolls things up. Rollups compress the gas consumed by transactions by reducing the amount of computation required for executing transactions.
Rollups are like outsource providers that take transactions down from Ethereum to process and compress before sending it back on Ethereum, resulting in increased TPS and speed of Ethereum.
MES leverages the security of Ethereum, and the scalability and efficiency of Rollups.
Orderbook DEX
MES Protocol is an orderbook-based DEX built on rollups, which allows users on the L2 ecosystem to enjoy a CEX trading experience.
CEX offers intuitive trading experience and various trading functions that are missing on an AMM DEX. MES Protocol brings CEX experience to a DEX; users enjoy security from Ethereum L1, at the same time the high throughput in low cost from L2 rollups.