MES - Multi-rollup Exchange Solutions
MES envisions to provide a truly cross-rollup interoperable exchange solution that serves as a core backbone of a multi-rollup economy, facilitating liquidity flow across rollups.
This is thus, what MES is developing, an united orderbook across rollups - where users can exchange tokens, deposit and withdraw liquidity, earn from providing liquidity and transfer assets across networks seamlessly and effortlessly.
Focused on 100% decentralisation and security, Ethereum relies on rollups to scale up. Vitalik Buterin outlined a rollup-centric roadmap, concluding that “the Ethereum ecosystem is likely to be all-in on rollups as a scaling strategy for the near and mid-term future”.
It is expected to see fragmented space on Ethereum with dApps and liquidity on various rollups. Fragmentation implies lower capital efficiency and interoperability, to realize the full potential of the ecosystem we must transform it from a fragmented space into an interconnected system.
Importance of Cross-Rollup
If you believe in Ethereum, as well as rollup technology, then consequently you would be able to envision an Ethereum centric multi-rollup ecosystems with numerous projects booming in the foreseeable future.
This impact is significant on dApps that is liquidity demanding, e.g. DEX and other DeFi applications. Liquidity scattered over rollups results in less liquidity on each rollup, which results in a less efficient market.
Cross-rollup technology’s biggest role is to facilitate exchange of assets, information and data across rollups. Ideally, users share liquidities across multiple rollups seamlessly and enjoy the same depth of liquidity as they do on L1, without any notice.