Add a network to Metamask

You need to add a network to Metamask if it is not available in your wallet.
Adding a network is simple and straightforward, if the interacting network is not available at your Metamask, a notification is prompted automatically for your approval to add a network.
Metamask will then ask you to allow the site to switch from your current network to this newly added network.
Then, its all set! The network is added to your Metamask!

Adding a Network Manually

In case the network adding is not initiated automatically, you may add a network manually.
Click the network on top of the Metamask window, select "Add Network" and a page will be opened at your browser.
Click "Add a network manually" at the bottom of the page.
Input the Network Information on the next page. You can find the Network Information from the document of the network, e.g. Linea's document - https://docs.linea.build/developers/useful-info#network-information.