Bridge Guide

You can indeed use MES Convert to bridge assets from one chain to another without any hassle!
To use MES, you may need to bridge assets from L1 to rollups or across rollups. This page provides easy references of 3rd party bridges for users. Please note that MES Protocol has NO CONNECTIONS with these bridges, and we are not responsible for any problem caused by using the bridges; DYOR and happy trading!
Scroll (Testnet): https://scroll.io/alpha/bridge
Base (Testnet): https://bridge.base.org/
Polygon zkEVM (Testnet): https://public.zkevm-test.net/
Other bridges:


The flow of using a bridge is straight forward and more or less the same for every bridge. We demonstrate by showcasing how to bridge asset from L1 to zkSync on testnet:
Go to https://portal.zksync.io/bridge and switch to "zkSync Era Testnet"
Step 1: Connect — Once you select the wallet that you want to log in with, it will trigger the Metamask extension in your browser. Then click “Connect”.
Step 2: Deposit — Fill in the amount of ETH you want to bridge and tap “Deposit”.
The extension window will pop up again, if your wallet is not in Goerli network, it will request you to switch it, just simply tap “Switch network”.
For the next step, you can double-check the amount and adjust the gas fee if needed; Tag “Confirm” to continue the transaction. After that, you see a green tick with the transaction submitted which means your ETH is successfully bridged!