Aggregation Swap

In MES Convert, there is a special kind of swap: Aggregation Swaps. It aggregates your liquidity to one single chain.
Sometimes you will find your liquidity scattered across different chains when trading under the Cross-Rollup mode. For this reason, we have introduced the Aggregation Swaps in MES Convert: It automatically fetches your balance on all the available chains and converts them to any token you like, on a destinated chain. You can then either withdraw the balance on the destinated chain or just simply leave the balance in vault.
  1. 1.
    When choosing the Source Chain, select "Cross-Chain" under the drop-down menu.
List of available chains on Testnet differs from the Mainnet version
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    You should immediately see a breakdown of your chain balances. The swap option is enabled by default, but you can always switch it off or edit the swap amount.
Clicking the "Show Breakdown" button reveals a list of available balances
Remember to click the "Confirm" button if you have edited any amount.
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    You will get a reference rate immediately in Limit order mode or after clicking "Preview Conversion" in Market order mode. In Limit order mode you can also set your own limit price/slippage and it will apply to the rest of orders. For multi-route orders (limit orders that take more than one step to complete), it is possible to set conversion rate for each of the bridging steps. Send your order anytime and get your tokens swapped.
    Edit the conversion rates for a multi-route order
    You can set a slippage on a same-token conversion (e.g. zkSync USDC -> Arbitrum USDC)